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It’s that time again, time to emerge from the hibernation of winter and step into the magic of summer. Get skin ready with these tips and recommendations

Keep dull skin at bay with a Facial

Awaken, detoxify and rejuvenate your winter skin by booking an appointment for a facial. By adding a facial to your beauty routine once a month, see your skin change from dull to a radiant glow. The benefits of a facial include:

  • stimulation of the skin functions and metabolism

  • increases circulation and detoxifies the skin

  • slows down premature aging of the skin

  • softens wrinkles and aging lines

  • deep cleanses & exfoliates the skin

  • relaxes the senses, nerves and muscles

Shed away dry Skin

One of the most effective ways to exfoliate during the summer is to scrub dry skin before you shower. Begin a regimen of exfoliating your skin once or twice a week, making sure to give your knees and elbows special attention. Finish with a protective moisturizing oil or cream within three minutes of toweling off.

Recommendations: Facial Forensics Exfoliating Gloves and Facial Forensics Apricot Moisturizing Oil.

The Eyes have It

The summer elements can be particularly harsh on the fragile skin around the eye area. When in the sun, wear sunglasses with complete ultraviolet protection. Begin a regimen of applying eye gel/cream twice a day. At night incorporate a cold compresses to soothe the skin then apply your eye gel/cream immediately after.

Recommendation: Facial Forensics Licorice Eye Gel.

Your kiss is on my list

By directing most of our attention to protecting our skin from the sun in the summer, we often forget about our lips. There are no natural glands in our lips to keep them hydrated. For a luscious pout protect your lips with a lip balm with a SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 or more and at night recover and regenerate with a moisturizing oil like Almond Oil which is a natural SPF.

Recommendation: Facial Forensics Almond Moisturizing Oil.

Cool off

While in the sun, keeping your skin hydrated is a must. Bring the pH balance back to your skin by using a toner spritz to retain skin’s moisture and to calm the skin down from sun exposure.

Recommendation: Facial Forensics Green Tea Toner.

Cold Showers

After sun exposure, hot water has the tendency to dry out skin. It is best to use cold water which helps prevent the skin from being stripped of its natural oils. Cold water also tightens and seals the pores to prevent them from getting clogged with dirt.

Let’s get physical

A fitness routine should be an integral part of your beauty ritual. It’s beautiful outside why not take a walk, sign up for a yoga class in the park or go swimming. Physical activity increases circulation and allows the excretion of toxins in your body creating healthy, glowing skin.

Water does the Skin good

Give your skin a steady flow of hydration by following the 8X8 rule: drink eight, 8-ounce servings of water daily. Your body can only absorb a maximum of four cups of water an hour, so make sure to spread out your water consumption throughout the day. This can help you avoid water intoxication, a condition that upsets electrolyte balances in the body.

Load up on Melon

Whether it is Cantaloupe, Watermelon or Papaya, these water rich fruits are rich in antioxidants and deliver hydration to the skin. Melons like Watermelon contain 91% water and also contain lycopene (pigment naturally found in skin), Vitamin A and C, which all help fight free radicals in the body that cause skin aging.

Red, Red Wine

In the summer, white wine is a cool, refreshing drink, but red wine will heal your skin. Resveratol, (helps build collagen) is found in the skin of red grapes and can decrease redness from acute sunburns. It also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which allows the skin to combat the damaging effect of free radicals that lead to skin aging.


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