For the last eight years, as an Instructor of the 600 hour Esthetics Certification course, in the states of New York, California and Nevada, I discovered the curriculums focused solely on the basic fundamentals of skincare. Although the fundamentals are very important, they are just the building blocks for a successful career in Esthetics.  As a Director/ Manager for Brands like Paul Mitchell and Amazing Lash, when conducting interviews, many licensed Estheticians felt they were not prepared for the working world of Esthetics.  Is this you?

Have you started your career but still don’t feel confident in your knowledge? Are you still trying to figure out:

  1. Should I work for someone or start my own business?

  2. If I start my business what are the steps?

  3. Who and where do I receive more advanced training?


Let me help. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with me and let’s discover and begin your true career path in Esthetics:  https://calendly.com/facialforensics/consultation