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Gua sha Massager

Gua sha Massager


Electric gua sha massager with 4 modes:  lift, anti-wrinkle, massage and tighten:

  1. Lift mode vibration lifts and improves muscle tone as well as stimulates collagen production
  2. Anti-wrinkle mode vibration promotes elastin and collagen production which increases elasticity and helps eliminate fine lines
  3. Massage mode combines vibration with blue light technoogy which reduces puffiness, inflammation and aids lymphatic detoxification
  4. Tighten mode combines vibration with red light technology and heat.  Red light doubles collagen regeneration and heat aids with muscle tightening by manipulating the muscle.



Professional beauty machine, which needs to be handled by professionals with proper training. Any improper use will result in adverse outcomes. Therefore, we advise to read manual thoroughly (included) and follow the instructions strictly before operation.

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